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Shocking Prospect Behavior Revealed

Are you tired of all those prospects sneaking around on your website without the courtesy to even fill out a landing page conversion form? What exactly are those anonymous visitors from domains like “sbcglobal” and “roadrunner” and “verizon” doing on your site? Who are these mysterious e-vagrants?

Our Nuturama process includes a new process that identifies prospects on your website even if they don’t fill out a prospecting form. Here is a taste of what our program can do to reveal your prospects’ hidden site-surfing secrets.

Who Are You?

The lead nurturing technology that we inject into your website allows us to turn anonymous visitors into known prospects and suspects so that your sales and marketing teams can begin working with them. Even if they never fill out an enrollment form.

We can even provide detailed page-view information that tells you how much time they spent on individual pages, which keywords they searched for when they found you, which websites sent them to your site, their company information as well as Jigsaw and LinkedIn data where applicable.

Total Recall

Our tracking technology keeps all of the previous and subsequent anonymous web behavior and then–wait, here’s where it gets exciting–when they do fill out a form in your site we tie it all together. That means that we can send an update to your sales reps and marketing team about all of their behavior on a daily basis.

Isn’t that a little big brother? No, not at all. The data allows you to customize your messaging to the specific interests of every prospect. You’re doing them a favor and at the same time, positioning your offering to their unique needs.

Offline Integration

We can also tie together information from your CRM system, your offline tactics like mail and trade shows and even your own emails if you’re using Microsoft Outlook.

The Bottom Line

This technology has three important benefits to your lead generation efforts.

  1. You can see who is browsing your website even if they don’t fill out a form. We tie together stats such as time spent on pages, search terms and keywords, referring sites, company information and more. We can even give you daily emails with visitor information.
  2. We tie all the information together for you. Once they do respond to one of your offerings and fill out a form, we have a more complete picture of their interests based on their browsing history. This information can also be sent to your marketing and sales teams on a daily basis. What that means is that each propsect gets a unique message that exactly meets their needs.
  3. You will learn their buying signals. We can tie in your Microsoft Outlook messages for details tracking about what was opened, click on and then what pages they subsequently viewed. Imagine the power of knowing exactly when a prospect has viewed your proposal or watched a webinar replay.

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  1. Gigantic Many thanks very interesting and great information.

  2. I need this now. We’ve done a great job with SEO and I have 1,000 visitors each week. But I’m sorting through Google Analytics to figure it all out and it’s almost impossible. Email me.

  3. Awesome post. Much love.

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  8. Who did your web design? I love it.

  9. Wow, you make this look easy. But is it?

    • Thanks Ernest. I don’t know what your definition of easy is, but it’s a lot more easy than cross referencing your CRM database, spreadsheets, web analytics and IP addresses one at a time. 🙂

  10. Sneaky, nice work. Can I do this without Nuturama?

    • Thanks Helmut. You’re the second person to ask and I’m checking on it. Send me a private email and I’ll give you the scoop.

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