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Public Relations and Social Media

The landscape of public relations and social media changes everyday. We like to think of social media simply as PR 2.0. Unfortunately, social media also means your missteps are amplified and communicated faster than in the days of PR 1.0. Now more than ever, you need an expert to help you navigate your way to success.

Here are some ways we can help you:

Targeted outreach and media placement

Too many hyper growth companies approach their media placement on an ad hoc basis. While almost any positive article can help you in your efforts, real ROI comes from a carefully planned, targeted and executed media management plan. We help you with your plan and we develop long-term relationships with the right editors, journalists, analysts and bloggers in your space.

Case study and white paper creation

Case studies and white papers can serve very specific purposes in your sales cycle. Without an experienced writer who specializes in case studies and white papers, you may be introducing more questions than answer into your prospects’ minds. These types of literature need to be carefully crafted to have the intended psychological effects on your prospects and suspects depending on your needs.

Our clients typically use case studies and white papers in one or all of the following three ways:

Nurturing: Case studies and white papers are a great way to generate web site clicks, improve direct marketing offers, stay in front of the media and approach your social matrix with added value.

Thought Leadership and Education: Are you in an early market or are you offering an innovative new solution for your market? If so, case studies and white papers are a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader and help educate the market on the value of your new offerings.

Sales Cycle Velocity: Certain types of buyers (Myers-Brigg ISTP types for example) respond better to thoughtful, written analysis and will be more helpful during the sales cycle if you give them time to digest information. In addition, case studies and white papers help your prospects circulate your way of thinking through their companies long before the competition arrives.

Podcasts, blogs, vlogs and more

While you need case studies and white papers in your marketing tool kit for the thinkers in your prospect base, you also need to approach the intuitive thinkers and feelers with new media. Blogging, video and podcasting is a perfect solution for PR 2.0. The problem is that these techniques can be somewhat specialized. Many corporate blogs fall off after a couple of months of blogging. Your employees get busy on other priorities or simply run out of ideas to blog about. Outsourcing your blogs, vlogs, podcasts and more can be an insurance policy to keep a steady stream of prospects reading your site.

Strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media outlets

The landscape for social media is constantly changing. Rather than make a serious and costly misstep, many companies avoid Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other sites all together. This is a mistake. Whether you like it or not your customers and prospects are having a dialog about your company in a very visible way.

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