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Teaching Your Team Enterprise Velocity

A fundamental principle of Enterprise Velocity is a commitment to constant training and improvement. Even the best teams can use some help and an injection of new ideas.

Our founder, Matthew Turner, made a career of managing hyper-growth companies before starting the Boston Turner Group. His training sessions, seminars and keynote addresses are fast-moving, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. He has a unique ability to customize each talk for his particular audience. He presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a rare combination of fact, humor, insights and practical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.

Here are just some of the recent presentations Matthew has given:

Talks can be customized to your company or meeting’s situation.

Enterprise Velocity:  While illustrating his ground-breaking Enterprise Velocity model, Matthew gives managers a series of proven strategies they can use immediately to get better results in every area of their businesses. They learn how to think strategically, manage  more efficiently, hire and motivate the right people, communicate effectively and build growth teams. Highly informative, loaded with content and both funny and motivational.

The Five Hidden “Speed Traps” of Hyper-Growth Companies:  What are the five worst traps that can destroy the momentum of any fast-moving, growth organization. How do you anticipate traps and get out when you fall in one? Matthew shows you the next steps to avoid disaster and sustain growth over the long-haul.

Who’s Job is It?:  Motivates your employees or members to take personal responsibility for creating their success. Your team will be shouting “IT’S MY JOB,” when the session is over.

Secret Sauce for Velocity Marketing:  Matthew shares the secrets he has learned in over 15 years of marketing management. These are the stealth techniques of winning marketing managers that they won’t teach you in B-school and no one else is willing to share.

Channel Sales Velocity:  Velocity training and coaching for anyone sales team who works closely with partners or manages multiple channels. Includes methods of qualifying your sales team, tip for running MDF programs, tools for profiling and measurement and velocity sales training for teams of all ranges of experience.

Demand Generation Velocity:  Demand generation and sales prospecting is an art and a science in it’s own right, not just another part of the sales process. Learn the under-the-radar techniques that propelled Matthew through his career as a hyper-growth superstar.

Velocity Training/Coaching:  On average, it costs an organization two-and-a-half times an employee’s salary to replace a worker who doesn’t work out, including recruitment, training, severance costs and lost productivity. Eleven percent of organizations surveyed reported it cost at least five times the employee’s salary. A unique specialty of The Boston Turner Group is to guide your new hires and new managers through their first 90 days to reach hyper-growth faster and with less risk.

The Manager’s Toolbox:  Accelerate your new managers’ productivity by packing 15 years of learning in one intensive training session. Your team will discover new methods for creativity, tools for making sense of complex situations, techniques for effective decision making, project planning skills, information, research and memorization techniques, time management and stress control.

Brand Management:  What separates great brands from good brands? How do you measure brand equity? What is a brand contract and why is it an essential “ideal” of the Enterprise Velocity model? Matthew demystifies the sometimes perplexing and overwhelming topic of branding with an entertaining history of the world’s best-known brands.

Velocity and Cadence:  Matthew shares why setting a regular rhythm of planning, meeting, and celebration is essential to maintaining growth speed.

Executive Team and Communication Coaching:  Every team has room for improvement. We work directly with leaders who are committed to alignment and communication. The Boston Turner approach  addresses your top issues in the context of building a strong team. We help you avoid politics and confusion, make higher quality decisions and retain top employees. We also conduct communications audits as part of our Enterprise Velocity practice.

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