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How Do You Hire For Growth?

growth-hiringBig thanks to Ben Gran–not just for featuring my brother-from-another-mother Dan Langhofer and I in his article on hiring for growth, but for writing such a great article filled with useful tips from entrepreneurs.

Here’s a taste (but you should read the whole article):

Dan Langhofer, CEO of PaperWise, says that his company encourages employees to spread the word about why their company is a great place to work. “We’ve found that word-of-mouth is essential and we want to make all of our employees part of our recruiting force,” Langhofer says. “It’s not uncommon for us to hire five friends at a time because our employees already understand both the fun side and the challenging side of what it means to work in a fast moving and fast growing company like PaperWise.”

And a quote from yours truly:

“This isn’t just about recruiting and crossing your fingers,” Matt says. “Growth companies need to have a kind of farm system that attracts and develops future leaders. It’s almost more important to understand the ideals, mission, and revenue formula of the company so that you can truly instill these cultural basics deep into the DNA of your company. Doing so allows your leadership to grow in cycles where leaders help mentor the next generation of leaders and so on.”

Thanks again Ben.

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