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Email Drives More Sales

Matt Wilson over at (also quoted me in an article about email vs. social media. Thanks Matt.

Matthew Turner of consultancy Boston Turner Group says email wins the sales race, at least for now, because communicators can target emails more effectively. A tweet about a sale or an offer on a certain type of shirt appeals only to the fraction of the audience looking for that shirt.

“Email allows you send a specific message to each segment your audience,” he says, “not just demographic segments, but also behavioral segments.”

Social media plays a role in that, Turner says.

“If I’m tracking your online behavior, I maybe I know that you spend more time on pages about high-performance tennis shirts than the average visitor,” he says. “If I send you email about high-performance tennis shirts, I have better chance at earning your business.”

You should really read the whole article because it’s got a lot of gems from a number of sources. Matt was spurred to write the article after reading a report by Monetate that email drives seven times the number of visits to sales sites than social. Wow.

Photo credit: R Reeves

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  1. Matt, great article. He picked the right guy to quote!!!

  2. You have rescued me from an endless debate with my boss on this issue. Thank you.

  3. How can I contact you for an interview? I’m doing an article and podcast on this subject?

    • Thanks Charles. Click any of the contact info buttons on the top right corner (email is probably the easiest).

  4. Congrats. Great article. You Marketing Genius.

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