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ECM Enhances Your Call Center Technology

Tim Ehrens, site editor for TechTarget and has another great article on upgrading and enhancing your call center technology. In addition to a lot of great advice on ending the silos in your call center, he let me pontificate a little on the importance of adding enterprise content management (ECM) to your technology arsenal to bring more efficiencies to your agents and associates:

Agents need customer data at their fingertips when handling a case. When data is dispersed among many different systems, that can be difficult to achieve. Matthew Turner, founder of consultancy Boston Turner Group, recommends that companies implement an enterprise content management (ECM) layer on top of their CRM and ERP systems to quickly call up customer interactions, data and other information to expedite the process. ECM systems can present a more user-friendly interface for certain kinds of information related to a customer account.

“As great as some of these ERP and CRM platforms are, they’re not great at handling unstructured data,” Turner said, such as customer comments from a social media platform. “If you’re just slapping something into a shared drive somewhere, which is what most people do, you’re not going to be able to get the information you need.”

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