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Blank Business Cards

Business CardsHave you ever thought of carrying around blank business cards? That’s a trick I just learned from one of my clients. Whenever he meets someone who doesn’t have a card or has just run out, he hands them one of his blank cards to fill out with their information.

I suggested a tweak that he’s going to implement–print a high quality card with only your logo on your back and a blank front. That gives you the chance to make three great psychological impressions on your new contact:

  • You’re someone who is always prepared for a variety of situations.
  • You take time and care to use quality in your everyday work.
  • You’re inviting them to be a partner with you by adding their information on a card with your logo–subtle, but effective.

Besides, printing business cards is so inexpensive, there’s no reason not to do this right away.

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